Compare PhenElite vs Phentermine: Which is Best?

Compare PhenElite vs Phentermine, complaints. Neither are made only for women. PhenElite forces women to take a 1,200 MG Caffeine Blend. The results can be Explosive Diarrhea for Women in the Middle of Sex. Visible Spotting In Between Periods, and Accidental Leaky Pooping are 2 more “Caffeine-Bomb” Side Effects. Phentermine is a medical drug. reports Phentermine Side Effects include “red skin, trouble breathing, fainting… in rare cases, Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there.” 1 PhenElite woman complains: “It made my heart race really fast and I felt lightheaded after. I stopped taking it and still got half a bottle left.” We recommend Phentermine, but only under a doctor’s approval and supervision. This site does not give medical advice.