Compare Virectin vs Erectzan: Which is Best?

Compare Virectin vs Erectzan, complaints. Warning that Virectin Ingredients List has Damiana Leaf. This Virectin Side Effects Review warns Virectin may be unsafe for High Blood Pressure. 61% of Virectin Customer Reviews at Amazon are unsatisfied 3 stars or lower. Meanwhile, using Erectzan may be Unsafe. The Mayo Clinic claims supplements like Erectzan raise blood pressure. Because with Erectzan you swallow Red Ginseng. Also, 50% of Erectzan Customer Reviews are only 1 Star. Not much better: Virectin vs Nugenix , Virectin vs Erorectin or Virectin vs Natrolex . Or even Virectin vs Extenze. Erectzan is the lesser of two evils.