Viril X vs Extenze: Which is Best?

Comparing Viril X vs. Extenze, both have problems. The U.S. FDA has banned Extenze. The FDA claims Extenze can kill you because Extenze contains illegal drugs that create dangerous high blood pressure.  Warning that Viril X Ingredients List has Ginseng. This Viril X Side Effects Review warns VIRIL X may be unsafe for High Blood Pressure. 30% of Viril X Customer Reviews at Amazon are 3 star or lower. Not much better: Extenze vs Cialis, Extenze vs Rhino, Extenze vs Vigrx Plus. Or even Extenze vs Virectin. And no, Does Extenze Work Like Viagra. Not much better for Viril X vs Erorectin. Viril X is the lesser of two evils.